Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Cade's 2nd Letter - sent Friday, June 21, we got it on Monday, June 24th.

Addressed to:  Mom, Dad, Caleb, Keisha, and Kassidy

Dear Keisha, Kassidy, & Caleb

I just want you guys to know that I love you.  Be good for mom and dad, k?  They are counseling you guys for your own good.  I didn't think so, but now that I am in here, there is a bigger purpose in life.  Caleb, I love you, bro.  Be an example to everyone around you.  The Lord will bless you if you fullfill your priesthood duties.  Prepare to go on a mission.  It is nothing like you have ever experienced.  Tomorrow, June 21, we are already preparing to teach our first investigator.  keisha, strive to be the good young woman you are.  Better not date until I get home.  Kassidy, keep being your beaming light about you.  You are and have been a good example to me.  Same with Caleb and Keisha.  Mother and Father.  Thank you two for all you have done to prepare me to go on a mission.  I miss all of you guys like crazy, but through Heavenly Father, and knowing what I am here to do, I am getting through.  I want each and everyone of you guys to know that the Lord loves you.  I know Joseph Smith restored this gospel, and translated the B.O.M.  I truly know with all my heart that the B.O.M. is true.  It is pure revelation given through prophets of olden time for us now.  (back)

I love all of you guys soo much, like, once your out here, I wish I would have been nicer.  I love you.  The Church is true, the Lord loves you.

Love Always, Elder Cade Lundberg

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