Monday, June 24, 2013

Cade at the MTC - Dropping him off

On Our Way to the MTC
This is in Provo right off of University Parkway.  We stopped at Mr. Mac to get him something for his collar, which he ended up not liking, so we took it back later.

Cade's last lunch with us at Wendys. 

Cade is checking out his collar in the truck.

All of us at Wendy's. 
This is us entering the grounds of the MTC to drop Cade off at the Curb.  :)

AT THE CURB.  HA HA  Cade gave all of us a hug.  David actually locked the back of the truck so that it would take a bit longer to get all the luggage out.  It gave us about 20 more seconds.  Ha Ha

Here Cade is getting out his luggage.  He was VERY quiet all the way down.  I think he was realizing that it was really happening.  The elder helping Cade was going to Tahiti and had been there for 7 weeks already. 

This was the last we saw of Cade.  They took the missionaries very quickly.  It ended up being a total of 3 minutes from the time we opened our door to get out, and then got back in.  If you look, you can see all the missionaries lined up on the side of the sidewalk.  There were TONS!  There were three elders, specifically, that was there asking all the NEWBIES where they were going.  Talk about an amazing experience.  We didn't even have time to cry.  With all of this positive energy here, I knew that Cade was in a good place.

This video will show what it was like when we left the MTC.  See all the elders and sisters standing on the sidewalk? I was trying really hard not to cry.

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