Sunday, June 8, 2014

5-26 and 6-02


This week has been a long hot week! it has been in the 100s everyday! holy moly! i have never sweated sooo much in my life. its like sweat alll day every day i cannot get rid of it haha! but that is ok! we had zone conference on wednesday! and they played this powerful vidoe that  irecorded and will send to you! it is really cool! we had a scheduled baptism for vicotr on saturday but he wasnt there at the very last minute i was dressed in white baptismal font filled and everything! dang it!!!!!!! but he will be abptized this tuesday! church was good elder mcgovern sang again! hahaha he is really good! the reason why it took me so long to email this week is because the bonhams took us and two of their grandsons from cedarcity to king s canyon national park with huge sequoia trees i have pictures they are soooooooooooooo big! the biggest one we saw was 40 feet around it is the general grant treee! stinking amazing! other than that not much going on here we should have 3 or 2 baptisms this upoming week! love elder lundberg!
Well is ture sounds like you have had a busy week! hoply moly! how did caleb do with the lineman challenge???? DOES COACH LIKE HIM YET???  this week has been a good week! we had transfers this week and i am staying the same with elder mcgovern . i held weed for the first time in my life! haha victor confessed he was smoking and gave it to us! so that was cool i got pictures of it! we havent baptized may or april so i am stinking getting a little impatient because these are the first 2 moinths i havent baptized, so i am gonna try my hardest to baptize 4 this month to make up! other than that nothing really crazy has been going on! i hope all is well out there in utah and idaho! 
Love Elder Lundberg


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