Thursday, June 19, 2014

06-16-14 - Training on Obedience

Oh my goodness... those pictures make me miss football! hahahaha This week was a good week, i got my scripture case and it works perfect!!!!! 
I had district meeting on Tuesday.  I trained on Obedience, and we set expectations for everybody this transfer! It was a super powerful district meeting. 
On Wednesday, we had leadership training and the Assistants praised me in front of the whole leadership in the mission because of my district meeting and how big of a difference it makes being trained on something they needed!
Elder Griffin came up to me and told me that, that training changed the rest of his mission! So that was good. I went on an exchange with Elder Castenada, another Assistant, and they were really worried about how they were going to baptize in the area, because they will barely be there because of the new mission president. It is pretty cool how the Lord can just put ideas and thoughts into your head. I figured out how they were gonna baptize through the Book of Mormon
I can testify that through the Book of Mormon is how the Lord talks to us! Saturday, Elder Mcgovern hurt his ankle that he broke 10 months ago, so we were stuck in our apartment all of Saturday and Sunday! But, now its a new week! I am ready to work!
Love Elder Lundberg

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