Thursday, June 19, 2014

06-09 - The Light Pole and Dis Da Business


This week was transfer week. As you know, I am still in Sanger as a district leader. By the end of this transfer, I will have been a district leader for 9 stinkin months. It is crazy!
Victor has hit the loony train. It is really crazy to see what happens when people lose hold on the gospel and go back to their old ways! Before his baptism 2 weeks ago, he was the happiest ever and these past 2 weeks its like he is a completely different person!  Kathryn is dropped.  She is just in it for the wrong reasons, she needs money! Larry and Kristy are doing well. He is buying sodas instead of beer. In church, he was kind of explaining the first vision and this is what he said,  He said that 2 big yella beings appeared to joe smith!" haha It is soo funny, and then when he prayed about the Book of Mormon and felt the holy ghost he said, "Dis right here is da business, dis da business!" The mormon bible is deep, real deep! hahaha He is so funny! I love teaching black people!
I went on an exchange with the Clovis 3rd elders and smacked my knee hard into a big street light pole! I thought I broke my kneecap! It was so swollen, it was like somebody set a hostess cupcake on it or something. I will send you a picture! Other than that, we found a guy named Joel that has a date for the 28 and has 10 kids so we will see how it goes with him. Joe Joe is set to be baptized June 21!
I love this Gospel.  I really do! Its crazy to see how God works, and when you reconcile your self completely to His will, he will not lead you astray!  If you completely put your trust in Him and are obedient to all his commandments, He has to take care of you!  Miracles are predicated on obedience!

Love Elder Lundberg

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