Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tue. 9-17-13 - Email from Cade

Hey everybody!

 So this week has been kind of crazy. We had zone conference on thursday, which was very excellent. After that our zone had to serve at a cancer survivor birthday party. So that day was mucho crazy. The party made me miss grandma bonnie! it was kinda sad! I saw the Guns at the conference, so that was cool i saw somebody from back home, they say hi by they way! So here is the deal, me and elder gayan were horsing around on sunday or saturday i forget, and we accidentally broke the window in the front of the apartment....... elder gayan just backed up into it and the glass broke! dadgummit. so i am going to have to pay for that me and him. we felt so bad after that! So transfers are next wednesday, and i find out whether i am transferared or not on saturday night so that is getting my nerves up in a twist! We went top the temple today! it was very good and spiritual. i love the new movie! I always love going to the temple. when i get home i will definitely be going a lot more! We have a baptism for saturday!!!!!!!!!!!! yayayayay!. we are baptizing a mother and her 3 girls! its the investigators who moved down from modesto! so they were a huge miracle for us! Other than that i need a side bag or a murse hahahah! mom can you please just order one off amazon and put the shipping address for the mission office. we can pick one out for me! haha just make sure its leather , so it is heavy duty! I got my package! i love the videos haha! i miss daisy believe it or not! And i love my picture book! and definitely the flower! anyway i love all of you with all my heart! keep up the prayers and reading!
Love Always Elder Lundberg

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