Monday, September 2, 2013

9-02-13 - P-Day (Labor Day)

Hey Family!!

We were sooo close to having a baptism!! we were going to baptize juanitas two girls clarissa and anabel! but they canceled that morning dad gummit! we are teaching a guy named jerry with a 180 pound dog! haha it is pretty cool! i am sooo glad julies baptism went amazing that is so awesome! i am soo happy for her! i wish i was there to see it! it was fun picking grapes except for all the spiders hahah! that was pretty scary! my cut is just on my leg so it wasn't that bad!  this week was crazy, we were riding our bikes on the side of the road pretty fast and i decided to rub my tire on elder gayans back tire and my tire caught and it like made me do a face plant on the ground and if it wasn't for my helmet i would have got a broken nose!!! my shirt was all black! and i have the biggest bruise on my ever it covers the whole front of my shin and wraps around my calf it is a big ouchy elder gayan and the guy in the car behind me were laughing there heads off! another one is it was me and an elder that has been out for 2 weeks iwe were driving and we stopped at this guys house and we knocked on the door he came out and said that it wasnt a good time because he was performing a surgery, and he opened the door to show us and this chick has got this big black guys leg cut open and they were like digging in his leg! mom that was the weirdest funniest thing ever to just see a dude doing surgery in some guys house because they are so poor! haha thats visalia for ya! anyway i am glad caleb get some playing time!!!! i doubt they will beat juan diego tho because they are extremely good!! how are they mormon messages going? and can you send me some elk jerky pretty please? oh and some caffeine free dr pepper??" hahaha !!! i love you guys sooo much! Keep up the good work being an example to everybody and have a fun labor day and week!!

Love Elder Lundberg

It looks like Cade is enjoying that Twinkie very much!  Also, check out the part in his hair.  HA HA  They have to part their hair like that in the mission.  :)

Look how good Cade looks!  

Check out the grapes!  Cade said there were alot of spiders!  HA Ha

That is very cool!  Check out the knife he has.  It must be the one that he cut his leg with because of all the spiders.

 This is Cade's Zone Leader, Elder Garcia!

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