Wednesday, September 11, 2013

9-10-13 - Letter from Cade - on TUESDAY

So, we didn't get a letter from Cade on P-Day.  He said he was too busy.  BUSY IS GOOD!  So, I am so glad I heard from him on Tuesday.  It's awesome, because I get a chance to chat back and forth a bit with Cade through emails if we are on at the same time.

Hey Family!!!
Last week was an ok week. We had some investigators that moved down
from modesto that were being taught up there, so we got them and they
have dates for the 21 of September so that should go good. They are
super solid investigators! we have a lady named nancy she lives with
people she has no clue about so we go pick her up from work, take her
to a members home and then we teach her and take her home! it was a
sketchy referral but it turned out that she is being baptized on the
15 of December! Then we got surgeon steve, the one that I stepped in
on doing surgery he has bad w.o.w problems! and then we are teaching
our miracle family which I have told you about, andf then we are
teaching Juanita and her to girls! we are also teaching two big black
southern ladies hahah they are just the funniest investigators we
have! One of them always has a dip of chew in her mouth . I think it
is Hilarious. I really haven't been eating anything crazy so that is
good. Just dadgum nasty salmon with the skin still on it!!!!! that's
poopy that caleb doesn't play a lot I feel bad for him! I couldn't
stand it if I didn't play! That's funny Keisha got dressed up for
nothing! she was just excited for her first dance. Kassidy will be a
viola wizard when I get back home! I super excited for KC he will love
it.Thats cool that you went with him to the temple! he looks very
happy! I bet he cant wait to leave on his mission because all of his
buds are gone ! transfers are coming up in 2 weeks, so it will be
interesting to see where I get transferred too. or if I will stay with
elder gayan! Anyway I love all of you guys. Keep reading the
scriptures and saying your prayers. Oh yeah I finished the book of
Mormon already! So that was good, I love you.
Love Elder Lundberg

I also found out that he has a chance to play basketball every week at 6 am.  I also thought it was hilarious that he called the guy Surgeon Steve.  HA HA  Cade is funny!

He also said:  Tell dad I love him more! I sent him a letter this week! Even tho he
hates writing me letters haha! I try to always stay positive we have a
lot of baptisms coming up in the next couple weeks! so just pray that
they will go through! I am doing a lot better at talking to everyone
and when I barely meet them, inviting them to be baptized!  so I am
getting comfortbal with that!

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