Tuesday, April 22, 2014

4-14 and 4-21 - Michael Ballum and God's Hand in Missionary Work

well it sounds like everybody is having fun over their in utah! this week has been a hectic week for me! i havent had a day where i could spend the whole time in my area! i have just been caught up in district leader stuff! we have been going up to the mountains quite a bit! it is really nice up there! elder mcgovern is doing really well! he is a super good singer. he sung in sacrament meeting the other day! he has sung in oprahs and stuff with michael balum! which is super cool! even tho i dont know who michael Ballum is! haha other than that! just same old same old! its been fun! love  Elder Lundberg

This week has been kind of a depressing slow week for me! except that i went on an exchange with elder gayan!!!! i love elder gayan soooo much! he is like my older brother i had never had! but transfer calls were on saturday night! and i am not being transferred or elder mcgovern but elder gayan is leaving! he got released as a zone leader to train a new missionary! i will finish training elder mcgovern for one more month and a half! i will miss elder gayan a lot! they are splitting us up again! dang it! but we have been trying to see kathryn this whole week because she needed to come to church yesterday to be baptized this upcoming saturday! but she didnt come dang it!  so that really stinks but here is a miracle when elder gayan and i were on exchange! so we were on a team up with one of our young men named cody hickerson he is about to go on his mission he graduated the same year i did! i love him soo much but he had this idea to go see sister grabfelder and so we did, turns out she wasnt there but two of her friends were there! and 18 and a 24 yr old boy friend girlfriend!  we started to talk to them and come to find out the 24 yr old man already had his answer about joseph smith and that he is a prophet! because i guess they have been taught before! so that was really amazing! they both have baptism dates fpr may 10! its cool to see the gods hand in my life as a missionary!! Love Elder Lundberg

Elder Pinnock from Mom and Dad's ward left on Monday.  He was the AP.  Cade said they got along really well and became good friends.   Here is a picture Cade sent:

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