Monday, April 7, 2014

3-31 and 4-07 - Rely on the Lord...ALOT!


I know i know about the card! i dont know what in the world happened i just ran out of money for the last 2 weeks of march! hahaha but lesson learned! anyways this weeek has been a bust week! that is for sure! i have had to go on 2 exchanges, so we have been really busy with that! i also had to give 4 baptismal interviews which is a cool experience! on saturday we had a baptism! melissa got baptized! elder mcgovern performed it and i confirmed her on sunday! haha it was cool! i feel like elder mcgovern is kinda like my baby and i am teaching him how to become a missionary! haha it makes me super proud! other than that we have just been trying to find new investigators. we havent seen our weed smokers for awhilethey have been out of town so we will teach them bnext week! i will send pictures and recordings! love Elder Lundberg

holy smokes!!!!! hahaha and you thought i was a bad driver!!!! hahaha just goes to show that you need to follow the promptings of the holy ghost and need to write them down!  well i havent gotten in a wreck yet! knock on wood!  anyways this week has been good! we have been relying on the lord a lot! and have seen a lot of miracles! there is this lady named kathryn! we have only tooken her on a church tour like 2 months ago and havent been able to teach her! she got the gospel principle book and read it all and the other night we were by her house and i got prompted to ask her ther baptism interview questions. and she aced them! i havent even taqught! she taught herself and she will be baptized april 26th! general conferrence was super good especially the last session! the quote of the confereence is "loving the savior is key to savior like obedience!"  elder mcgovern is doing welll! we got a new car, it is a 2012 red corolla named the little red hen! haha i hope you enjoy my recordings! love elder lundberg

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